The Emperor radios have only been around for about 3 years, starting with the TS-5010 which quickly became a favorite of many radio operators (including myself). Just this year (1997), a new model arrived on dealers shelves, the TS-3010. Looking more like the usual CB mobile, with it's chrome faceplate, it still seemed like a winner. The digital readout is smaller, and less brilliant than it's big brother - yet easy to read. You won't find FM or MEMORY functions on this either, but with a street price of under $190 what would you expect?

We found the insides very neat and spacious, and our on-the-road tests brought in good transmit audio reports. Strangely, while touted as a 10meter Amateur rig, the 3010 came out of the box as an 11 meter only radio! By using the very easy front panel "mod" I was able to get it back on track for some 10 meter action! Initial tests can prove inconclusive, as we only get to use them for a few weeks, so we'll have to sit back and see if this radio passes the "Test Of Time".

BTW- For what is probably the best, in depth review/report you'll ever find on this radio, check out the rec.radio.cb newsgroup and look for a series of messages by A.Cody.

UPDATE: Andy ! Where ya been?