Tested several years ago in the WoodyWorld "Test Van", we fell in love with this rig. Having gone through several RCI's and tired of squinting at the display on the HR-2510, I was ready to try something new. Along came the Emperor....

With a 2510-looking board on the inside, and a RCI-looking display on the outside it seemed like the perfect match; but were they? Well, after several months of use one of these found a permanent place in one of my vehicles and shortly after that half a dozen or so found homes in our local area. While my original review was glowing with praise, I can now reevaluate the 5010.

Is this the perfect rig for all? Certainly not. The TS-5010 does a fine job on SSB, but if you're a 90% Ancient Mariner (AMer) you might not like the low level transmit audio or receiver sensitivity. While it does offer memory functions, they're such a pain you might just not use them at all. I haven't called around the country to find out how reliable they have been so I only have our local area to judge by and I'd say that in my opinion they are more reliable than a 2950, but not as reliable as the 2510 (which were "Rocks" when in came to reliability), and quality can vary from one lot to another. If Sideband is your forte, then you'll really like this clean sounding rig, and use it daily (just like I do).