Pearce-Simpson made a name for themselves in marine radios, and then later with tube rigs like the "Sentry", and "Guardian". When solid-state began to catch on with buyers around the country Pearce-Simpson responded with a tremendous lineup which ended at the top with the "Simba".

As you can see from the picture above, with it's unique desk microphone and chrome and black cosmetics this is one good looking base station! As was the fad at the time, a digital clock was one of its popular features. I remember drooling over my Henshaws and Echo catalogs, wondering when I could afford one of these for my own, but it wasn't meant to be (at least not in 1973). Yes, I own one now, in fact - two, and both of them were very hard to find. Yes, strange as it may seem, you won't find too many Simba's or Cheetah's gracing the shelves across the country. For information on other CB's, keep your eyes open for my upcoming book "Woody's World Of CB", due out sometime in 1998.