(with matching power supply)

This rig was my first Ham rig, bought from Jody and Texas COMM around 1984. The rig was sparce of "Bells and whistles" but had some features which were desirable to use (notch), and as this was during my CW years (Code - NOT country'n western), a great radio to own.

Of the many rigs I owned in the next few years, none would get as many "kudo's" from other operators about the 5400 CW tonal quality. Voice audio was another matter though and this, along with the "dull" receiver, marked this rig to be shuffled down the list of alternate radios - finally being sold a few years later.

I actually bought this back from the fellow I sold it to some years later and was able to enjoy the CW part of it only briefly before it developed a problem with a part which was no longer available.