The Browning Story Continues....

 In 1937 Browning formed the company which bore his name and remained it's president until his retirement in 1954. During his career, Glenn Browning patented many different inventions, including the compensated wall meter and apparatus for determining the insulation values of dielectronics.

 In 1954, the controlling interest of the Browning Corp. was purchased by Gardiner S. Greene Sr. As part of Greene's master plan for future growth, the company plant was moved to Laconia, New Hampshire in 1958 where it would remain until the company's demise.

Around the first part of 1959, Browning introduced the R2700 receiver and the T2700 Transmitter (followed by the T2700S in 1960). The R2700A was brought out in 1962, and was very much the same as the R2700, only now it had a one piece chassis. END PART ONE

What you've just read is an abridged version of part of the story which first appeared in two 1995 issues of the CB Gazette, then, reprinted in two issues of the CB Gazette in 1996. Back issues of the complete story may not be still available @ $15 per set +$3 shipping/handling.

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