ARF-2001 owned by Charles Zafonte, Fort Kent Maine

(as you can see, this model has the built-in frequency display)



ARF-2001 owned by Woody

 ARF developed the 2001 towards the end of the CB era. This, combined with the high price ($1,000) led to less than 1000 of this radios ever being built!

That makes this rig very collectible. While "Used" prices tend to vary between $500-$600, it's not uncommon to find a MINT model, in box, selling for $800 or more...

But can the rig "talk"? You BET it can.

My personal experience with the ARF is positive, however the adjacent channel rejection leaves much to be desired. If you plan on using an ARF on a daily basis, plan on "bleedover", unless you happen to live in an unpopulated area.

YES - These radios can be modified for out-of-band frequencies, although it's rather difficult.